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Saying I Do in the Age of Social Distancing Part 1 Veronica & Vincent's Backyard Wedding

On 3/21/20 I married the love of my life”- Veronica

Veronica and Vincent had spent months planning a nearly 200 person wedding to be held at the Mandarin Oriental on March 21st 2020; however, the rise of COVID-19 in the US changed their plans along with thousands of other couples around the country.

“We know this pandemic is bigger than our small human desires for celebration but, we had our hearts and minds set on starting our life together as husband and wife.”- Veronica

Their wedding day was not exactly what they originally pictured the day to be but, it was a different kind of perfect. No 200 people but, just the closet ones. Not the hotel reception but her parents loving home.

Most of our loved ones were unable to join us, so we live streamed our small ceremony for those who could not physically be there with us. As is with human nature, we sometimes get so caught up in the big celebration we forget to prioritize the reasons we are having it in the first place. Marriage , Love and commitment. This whole experience has allowed us to truly focus on those reasons making us stronger together. These past 2 turbulent weeks, I fell so much more in love with my husband than I ever fathomed possible.” -Veronica

With a few days notice we changed the original concept to a completely new look more fitting for an intimate wedding at home. We incorporated their existing garden, pots and sculptures and dressed them with the same flowers meant for her big dream wedding.

Veronica and Vincent March 21st was always meant to be your day and we can’t wait till November to celebrate your union once again!

Wedding Planner- Michelle Sarason

Photography- Provoke Photography


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